Friday 6 October 2017

Luzon sure that fans will warm to Roland

Former Charlton manager Guy Luzon is convinced that Charlton fans will warm to Roland Duchatelet if the club is promoted to the Championship this season which he thinks is sure to happen: Roland will win over fans

Let's hope he is right about the promotion, but it won't change my mind about Roland. I can't forget the bad decisions that were made, the pile of debt has been accumulated or the way that fans have been treated, not least by Katrien Meire. However, for many it is simply a results business.


  1. Naive, just like he was as a Manager.

  2. What a deluded Twit! Was this nonesense planted by the club's PR company?

  3. Can’t take this seriously ! GL is part of the great Roly sycophantic love in