Wednesday 10 January 2018

Rickster's new takeover relevations

Rick Everitt has made a number of new revelations about takeover interest at Charlton. Much of what he has to say is about the background of the kilted parties, but there is much more besides: Takeover

It turns out that Donald Muir was a regular attender at Charlton in the noughties. McLeish was so stimulated by last Saturday's match against Oldham that he came back to watch the Checkatrade game last night.

Muir was on the Rangers board during the disastrous Craig Whyte era which ruined the club, although his ostensible role was to represent the interests of Lloyds Bank.

What we are to make of all this is less certain. I was initially sceptical because the story was originally broken by the Daily Record which has a track record of conjuring seemingly authoritative stories out of thin air, but there is evidently something to it.

I was interested that the Rickster referred to Chinese visitors to Sparrows Lane in December. I have heard about Chinese interest from another source and I wasn't too happy as I know that many of the prospective Chinese purchasers around at the moment are not 'A' list but 'B' list or even 'C' list.

The due diligence on Charlton which was carried out in October and November (but which many fans denied was taking place) was undertaken by accounting giants PwC. They were acted on behalf of a shell company connected with a Greek-Australian football coach Leoonardis Gardikiotis. The one time coach of the Fiji international team is likely to be a front man, but if a takeover from down under was going to occur, surely it would have done by now.

Finally, two Belgians came over on Eurostar last night to watch the Checkatrade game as the owner's guests and were picked up at Ebbsfleet by an Addicks staff member. An unlikely staff reward. The supreme irony would be if we acquired new Belgian owners.

To those who say they will wait until they read something on the official site, that is the last place you will read anything.

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