Thursday 4 January 2018

There may be no signings at January window

Richard Cawley of the SLP has tweeted that at today's Charlton Athletic press conference Karl Robinson will make it clear that it is by no means guaranteed that there will be more signings of players in the January transfer window.

Cawley stated: 'Robinson's frustration pretty clear at that situation. Expected to be able to strengthen this month. But takeover talks means that it seems as if Roland Duchatelet is not ready to spend.'

Talking about rats leaving the sinking ship. Customer dissatisfaction will surely spike at this unwelcome news.

More from Richard Cawley here (he emphasises that this report is a work in progress): Unsure about signings

Robinson says there are six players he wants to bring in and four of them could walk through the door tomorrow if they could: Robinson's targets

He has subsequently said that due diligence is going. It seems that the mist truly has rolled in from the Thames. Robinson said: 'We're in a difficult place. I think we need to be told what's going on. We've been told they are looking to sell the club - I don't have much clarity on that.'

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