Wednesday 28 February 2018

Price agreed with two purchasers

Charlton called in an expert in opaqueness to help them generate their statement

A price for the purchase of Charlton has now been agreed with two separate parties and the matter is now with the lawyers, Richard Murray has stated.

How the choice will be made between these two prospective purchasers is unclear, as is their identity. It could be a joint purchase. I found the statement so ambiguous that it could have been drafted by the Vatican. Perhaps it was.

Fans will be informed of the outcome in due course.

Rick Everitt has clarified that Murray implied that one or other of the offers would be taken up. I must have lost my ability to read between the lines taught to me by my newsagent uncle in Lakedale Road all those years ago.

However, I am a still uncertain about how one would choose between the two offers if they were similar on price. Of course, such offers sometimes involve bells and whistles such as extra sums to be paid on promotion or phased payments. There could also be issues about the £/€ exchange rate.

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  1. My thinking is that it's positive, if one of the bidding parties pulls out for whatever reason then it still leaves another party.