Monday 26 February 2018

What colour will the smoke be?

Roland is a shrewd businessman and wants to get a return on his 'investment' after all the hours he has put in

The sole Charlton director from England left standing, Richard Murray, will issue a pronouncement 'Urbis et orbe' (SE7 and the world) later this week on what, if anything, is happening in the takeover talks. This has been agreed with CAST. Murray had originally hoped that a decision one way or the other would be reached this month.

If Murray appears wearing a cork hat and carrying a toy kangaroo while 'Waltzing Matilda' plays in the background, one conclusion can be drawn. It is more likely that he will have nothing more substantive to report than 'Shooters Hill Station has been closed due to snow' (as was announced at a wintry Millwall v. Charlton clash).

Richard Cawley's short report can be found here: Takeover update

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