Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Some puzzles in parent company results

Baton Ltd., the parent company of Charlton Athletic, have published their results online through Companies House. By and large they are the same as for the club, but Kieran Maguire of the Price of Football notes: 'Sold players (Lookman etc) at a profit of £16.2 million in 2016/17, but only received £405,000 in cash. Could have sold on credit, but debtors are only £3.7 million. This begs the question "What has happened to the other £12 million"?'

He also notes, 'CEO Katrin Miere’s salary included in "Key management compensation" total of £966k. This figure rose 15 per cent in year compared to overall wage fall of 21 per cent.'

Rick Everitt has pointed out that compensation to Russell Slade is included in this figure. He was paid more than other coaches hired by Roland.

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