Thursday 12 July 2018

Keep on taking the tablets

I went to see my doctor this afternoon and, as usual, his first question was about football. Would I be more upset if Charlton lost a key match than England? I thought it was like comparing apples and pears because at least England have given something to be proud of and celebrate. However, he said he would be more upset by a Manchester City setback.

After discussing the performances of England and Croatia, we eventually got round to my chronic Rolanditis for which he confirmed there is no known cure, but I should carry on taking the tablets for Belgian Fever to ameliorate the effects. If I felt too distressed, I should do a Neymar roll.

I then went to collect the tablets from my pharmacist who is a keen Sunderland fan and was at the Greatest Game. He reminded me of the first fixture of the season, something he thought would not have been possible two years ago. But he noted that relations between fans of the two clubs had always been friendly.

I then had to dash to the television studio to appear on France 24's evening bulletin and with my eye off the ball nearly said 'President Chump'.

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  1. went in to the local bookies on Tuesday they put up 4-1 Croatia win tournament pays out £300 I was so tempted im kicking myself now!instead for 95 quid wrote out a bet for Charlton win league one which if it comes up I will donate 500 to jack jeffreys cancer fund.
    On England fucking retards sorry the fa should all consider quitting they said "football coming home" fed the players and fans a big pack of bullshit enough is enough them England losing im fed up with national football born fucking losers.Dele ali this is one player winds me up every time this Tottenham prick got the ball he passed it backwoods aghhhhhh as for Henderson this waste of space is also overrated .
    Southgate must dump the old heads like Young,Cahill,Sterling hendersona and ali and play up and coming players like sessagon,shelvey and lookman