Tuesday 31 July 2018

Taylor was Magennis replacement

Lyle Taylor was brought in by Lee Bowyer because he knew that Josh Magennis was set to leave: Replacement

Even so, the squad lacks depth, as is apparent from the start of season injury crisis and Bowyer would like to bring in another attacker.

One sceptical fan has asked why, if Magennis was leaving, he featured so heavily in our pre-season.


  1. LOL, squad lacks depth under Duchatelet, no sign of a takeover, Groundhog Day!
    I’ve come to the end of the line, they’re not getting another penny from me until someone who proves they care, starts running our club.

  2. demo to the fa only way get this cunt out of our club 2000 angry fans demonstration outside Wembley will sonn get the cunts at the fa to wake up im fuming with these old codgers for killing clubs like us Coventry blackpool list goes on

  3. I am not renewing my 2 lounge tickets for the first time in 40 years. Won’t do so till he is gone.

    1. murray is the problem get rid of him as director we might be able move forward he is holding us back I feel I wont go back until murray is gone completely go to non league much more cheaper and friendlier u could choose from Dartford,greenwich cray or Bromley even welling who are going have a superb season I feel under king