Wednesday 12 September 2018

Bowyer has no complaints about Roland

Lee Bowyer has no complaints about Roland. He reckons that he has the owner's backing and that he cares, as evidenced by his concern about crisp rage: Backing

I don't blame Lee Bowyer for talking in these terms. If I had just been appointed to a job, I wouldn't say that my employer was a useless so-and-so who was shafting me. What we want Lee and Jacko to do is to focus on preparing the team and getting the best out of them and ignore any noises off.

Some fans think this is part of a strategy to soften up fans for an announcement that the takeover is off. I don't really know anything, but I don't much hopes of it going ahead. We then just have to hope that Lee Bowyer can progress with what he has.

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