Thursday 6 September 2018

Lee Bowyer becomes 'permanent'

Having served his apprenticeship, Lee Bowyer has deservedly been appointed permanent first team manager: First team manager

He has done his best in very difficult circumstances. This may be a sign that any takeover is receding into the distance.


  1. Wyn, is there any indication whether the appointment was approved, perhaps even had to be approved, by the Australians? Saw no such reference in the club statement. If not, as you say it would be disappointing re the chances of anything happening in the near future (even if the decision itself could come to stand as one of Duchatelet's very few sensible ones, alongside having offered Sir Chris a new contract).

    1. Not as far as I know. The latest information I have is that Roland and the Australians are far apart on price. The talk about documentation not being submitted to the EFL is a smokescreen. I am not very hopeful about the takeover going ahead.

  2. The aussies seem to have pulled out but still in their behind the scenes -it seems they haven't got enough capital for a completion of the takeover gm is back in the uk still doing neglogations what I here ive also heard from 2 people that us consortium have offered 28m for the club which they are not offering anymore rumoured to be Donald Trump involved and possibly the x villa director lerner but I don't know if that's just gossip.As from today ive also heard Chinese have now come on board so more than likely its going be a bidding war between the aussies ,the yanks and the chinese