Friday 25 September 2020

It's a done deal!

In an open letter to Charlton fans, Thomas Sandgaard said he wanted them to know before anyone else that he had completed his acquisition of the club.   This is now available on the official site:

Sandgaard has confirmed that he has passed EFL's OADT test and that he expects official confirmation that the transfer embargo is gone - adds "it kind of is already".

Richard Cawley reports: 'Sandgaard's deal has seen him increased the lease on The Valley and TG to 15 years. Says costs on that side have risen as part of deal with Duchatelet. It buys everyone peace of mind that we'll keep playing at The Valley and have the training ground."

Thomas Sandgaard: "There won't be any drama. There is nothing to be nervous about going forward - we can focus 100% on the club and getting back to the Premier League."

Thomas Sandgaard describes it as "an entirely clean deal of everything - versus before when things were interconnected in some way. That is totally undone, otherwise we couldn't have done deal."

Sandgaard on the lease of the land: "It might be the right time to negotiate on those then [at some stage towards end of the agreement]."

Four signings are ready to go, one of them Adam Matthews, reports Richard Cawley.

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