Saturday 14 August 2021

A nasty smell at the Kassam

Charlton are yet to register a league win at the Kassam Stadium:

Four Four Two are forecasting a 7th place finish for Oxford while the Fan File contributor anticipates another 6th place finish.  He says that 'The fans' opinion of the gaffer is pretty positive.  Successive play-off campaigns have given Karl Robinson a lot of goodwill, but there's a slight undercurrent of frustration.'

He continues, 'I won't be happy until we resolve the stadium situation.  Twenty years at the breezeblock Kassam Stadium has been long enough.'  At least the old stadium in Headington with its Meccano stands had character.

The fan also notes, 'The best thing about matchday at Oxford is the nearby sewage works  - the smell is so bad you forget the ground has only three sides.'

He also helpfully informs us that they are Oxford United not Oxford University.   I would never have guessed.

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