Sunday 22 August 2021

Four key lessons from failure

The SLP's Louis Mendez sets out four takeaways from Charlton's winless run:

Given the way in which expectations were raised over the summer, it is understandable that fans are restless.  However, Mendez praises Craig MacGillivray, criticised by some fans, noting that he does add something to the side in terms of his ability to anticipate danger.

However, it is no good if you can't score goals and I note that Chuks Aneke added one from the bench in the 5-0 win by Bowyer's Birmingham at Luton.  But, then, as his critics said, all he does is score goals.

Good to see Patrick Bauer score for Preston in a long absence from injury, indeed it was actually a back-to-back goal in terms of matches he had played in.

Kevin Nolan's take on Saturday's game here:

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