Tuesday 28 February 2023

Conflicting accounts from Methven and Sandgaard

Richard Cawley reports: ‘Charlie Methven's group indicating they will go public with their stance on the collapsed Charlton takeover at the end of exclusivity - which they claim to be the end of this month.  This contradicts Thomas Sandgaard's claim that exclusivity ended on February 1.’

Cawley notes: ‘I use the word “claim” for both these things, as so far nobody has provided any kind of paperwork to prove anything. The response, of course, is that this could impact any legal process.

Cawley adds: 'There is a leaked document doing the rounds, showing the split of Charlton ownership if Methven's group completed their takeover.  Worth pointing out that their bid for the club looks dead in the water. Only question now is any kind of legal action (set to become clearer tomorrow).''

'Some of the info is blacked out but Americans Gabriel Brener and Joshua Friedman would have owned a controlling stake. Methven shown as owning around 24.1% but their side say that was made up of more than individual (would have been likes of Rodwell, Warrick etc and others).  Methven's side say that the former Sunderland co-owner would have had a 10 per cent stake (works out as an investment of around £850k).'

'In the meantime, we've got a club that is heading for yet another distinctly mediocre and underwhelming season. Again.

Any season ticket pitch is going to be interesting for Charlton.   There is a high level of apathy, absolutely understandably so, within the fanbase.’

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