Saturday, 1 April 2017

Addicks closer to relegation zone

Charlton's position is looking increasingly perilous after a 2-0 defeat at Peterborough. Report from Louis Mendez: Drop fears

Last night Match of the Day showed Shaun Barlett's goal of the season, including Alan Curbishley celebrating. Happier times.

The latest edition of Four Four Two has a long report with many photographs on the protests in Sint Truiden. The tone of the report is very positive and supportive.

The conduct of Sue Parkes as an apologist for the regime is giving rise to increasing controversy. Many fans think that her latest outburst has gone too far: Mocking the fans


  1. It's about time our self absorbed manager shut his mouth AND started to win some games. Those who shout the loudest generally do the worst. At this point Andy while not all his fault, he has zero credibility. He needs to build it and that starts with winning a few games. What a mess!!

  2. Andy was not meant to be in the comment above