Sunday, 23 April 2017

Robinson gives it large

Karl Robinson is not happy with the fitness level of Charlton players which have not allowed his favourite formation to work. Accordingly, he is instituting a hardline pre-season fitness regime: Tough talk

My worry with Robinson is that his talking outpaces what he actually does, but I think he deserves a chance to build his own side and train them as he thinks fit.


  1. ive been saying this since our championship days the players fuck off home at 1pm I know I see most of them walking slowly past marks!not bad doing a few training sessions and then fucking off home what sort of mentality does that tell the players for god sake?Me personally if I was in charge I would get the players on an sas style boot camp where they are learning how to work as a team and have fitness levels up at 100 per cent we do I feel need a army captain give team talk prior to each game in the dressing room these wankers in our squad need a good shouting at ,look at my uncles team Hereford they do this and won second promoation it works

  2. sas running get them working for their large salary