Wednesday, 12 April 2017

'Takeover news coming'

There have been rumours throughout the day that a takeover of Charlton is imminent, but five minutes ago VOTV editor Rick Everitt tweeted that 'takeover news is coming'. Is the long Nightmeire over at last?

Sceptics insist that nothing is happening, but it is being suggested that a national newspaper (The Mail has the story.

The national news outlet that has the story is not expected to release anything until this evening.

The club has denied that it is for sale and that speculation is wide of the mark.


  1. Please please let it be true

  2. it seems to be bollox ricks had us all going for a moment

  3. If it's based on what the mail have published and holds no water then some people's credibility will be called into question tbh.

  4. so many errors in that story its embarrassing to read they have also got the photo wrong of how the valley actually does look the mail seriously needs to start firing their researchers as that story seems to be a pile of shit