Saturday 26 May 2018

Fans stopped Charlton getting to Premier League

The failure of fans to get on side stopped Charlton winning promotion to the Premier League, claims Roland Duchatelet: I would have taken Charlton to top flight

Duchatelet seems to be blaming disgruntled ex-employees again whom he considered formed the core of protests in Belgium. They lost free entry to games and as a consequence, 'Some of those people were nasty and lied about many things.'

It will be interesting to see whether there is any response to this narrative from the Ramsgate direction.

Initial responses from fans on social media include 'The only place he would have taken us is League Two' and 'What utter bollocks, the man is batshit crazy, delusional and a total clown. You know where the door is, jog on.'

Blogger Hungry Ted tweeted, 'If you showed or demonstrated any semblance of ambition, desire and passion and an understanding of what Charlton means to fans on the pitch and within the community we’d have been right behind you.'

Another fan tweeted, 'Even if we remove all the emotion and focus only on the logic, none of the evidence supports Duchatelet’s rhetoric. Even if we forgive the early fundamental errors. He’s had FOUR YEARS to turn it round. We are playing a division lower with little sign of improvement.'


  1. Roly's comments are no surprise. Almost reminiscent of the classic Marlon Brando utterance in On the Waterfront. "I could had class, I coulda been a contender !" Delusions abound.

  2. Ha, ha ha, Ha! The first thing he did when he took over in January when we were fighting a relegation battle and struggling to score goals was sell our best striker ) (Yann Termagant) and most mobile midfielder (Dale Stephens). We stayed up by the skin of our teeth. The notion of protests was only raised the following year when we were on our fourth manager and it was clear to some that Duchatelet wasn't interested and there was only direction we were headed. Even then the call to arms wasn't decisive and nothing was done for another ten months by which time we were in free-fall and The Liar was waging a war of words against the clubs supporters which she was never going to win.

  3. what a load of arrogance from this bafoon he has taken cafc down sold all our best players and now jumping ship because he couldn't take the fans abuse I so badly want him to fuck off and sell the club and take murray with him I want murray to do one as soon as we get new owners along with hatter and everyone else on the board whos fucked this great club up

  4. I have followed and watched Charlton for over sixty years and I am perhaps able to look at things with a different perspective to some. We have been let down by a succession of owners, including the Gliksteens, eventually, the arms dealers and, without doubt, the disastrous RD regime. However, so called fans also played a big part at the start of our current period of decline. We seem to have forgotten how all those people who became followers of the team and club by the glamour of the Premier League became bored with Alan Curbishley's style of play and even booed a team that was sitting comfortably in the middle reaches of the league table for seven consecutive seasons before Curbishley, fed up with the constant criticism of a vocal section of our followers and flattered by the possibility of getting the England job, resigned. Whatever mistakes were made by the board and the management in the couple of seasons following his resignation, it was essentially the responsibility of those fans who made staying at The Valley Curbishley's second choice, not his first. I hope that those who were most vocal in their criticism will look back and regret what they did. But why would they? They're probably fans of Palace or West Ham now.