Saturday 26 May 2018

Will ye no come back again?

Steve Brown has said that new owners will have a big job on their hands rebuilding trust between the club and the fans and that is borne out by some comments made by formerly loyal fans.

Many fans have been following non-league football (Bromley, Dulwich Hamlet, Welling among others). I think that I have enjoyed my non-league football more this season, even if there is quite a lot of hoof ball. Admittedly, I can walk out of my house, cross the road and get a minibus to the ground (ok we have to stop at various pubs en route). Beats the two and a half hour trip to The Valley.

Others have found new things to do on a Saturday afternoon. In some cases people they came with have moved away or passed on.

The author of the Drinking During the Game blog has said that the current regime has severed his emotional bond with the club. He wrote that this bond 'has had me following the club loyally home and away since 1977. Perhaps it will never be the same again even after I return.'

One fan commented, 'In the near on fifty years (40 years as a s/t holder) I have been watching Charlton I have seen some poor teams. I also followed the club to that soulless ground called Selhurst Park as well as Upton Park. There were some dark days in that time especially when we were wound up in 1984. However there have been a lot of good times and I could always identify with Charlton as my team, the one supported by my father and grandfather. RD took the identity away and I was so angry and depressed with the situation at The Valley that I did not renew my season ticket in 2016 or last season.'

What we need to do is to attract a new group of younger supporters. The way to do that is to provide attractive, exciting football.

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  1. There is always that huge untapped reservoir of potential football fans not served by a professional club in south-west London Wyn?