Thursday 31 May 2018

Poyet: how I was treated by Roland

Rebuilding his career in Cyprus, Diego Poyet recalls how he was treated by Roland when he left Charlton: Getting back on track

Despite his success on the pitch, Charlton were slow to try to tie down the out-of-contract Poyet to a new deal, making him wonder about his worth at a club where he had grown up: 'After about three or four weeks they contacted me and I wasn't really pleased with the offer they gave me. I'd been at the club six or seven years and had a close relationship with a lot of the players and the offer made me feel under-appreciated, considering how long I'd been at the club and I'd just won player of the year.'

Poyet continued: 'There was a discussion where they weren't going to make another offer. I was a free agent and I told them to forget about it and I wasn't going to turn up to pre-season, I was going to look for another option. That is how I ended up leaving a club that I had a lot of admiration and love for. I spent a lot of time there. It was my hometown as well and I ended up leaving in a way where most people don't know the truth.'

'The contract was offered, I said I wasn't happy with it and then they started throwing in things like a loan move to Standard Liege and this and that. I wondered if they wanted me at Charlton why they would offer for me to go out on loan somewhere. It ended in not a nice way but it is what it is and I'm sure it's happened to a lot of players.'


  1. do shut the fuck up ffs bla bla bla if I recall you won player of the year and immedietly fucked off to bigger your salary you showed your true feelings then by joining our rivals diego who cares!you showed no loyalty after you won player of the year once a judas always a judas......

  2. throwed your dummy out of the pram and joined a bigger club more like tell the truth diego