Friday 8 June 2018

Am in a denial?

My doctor is a Manchester City season ticket holder and every time I go to see him the first topic is what is happening at Charlton. I am finding it increasingly difficult to say why there has been no takeover.

It was pointed out to me that maybe I was in denial about a long running condition, suffering delusions about mythical Australians taking over the club who, even if they existed, might not be fit and proper persons.

Some surprise greeted my statement that I had no symptoms. When I asked what symptoms I should have those listed were fatigue and a nauseous reaction to Belgian beer and chocolates.

In the meantime the advice is to keep on taking the tablets.


  1. Gallows humour at its best, as always! But I too am concerned that, irony of ironies, the fit and proper persons test is an issue for our potential new owners.

  2. yES tOBY INDEED . Yes nothing about the Rat for for 4 longggggggggggg and absolutely driven CAFC to the ground, but he is a fit and proper person!!! Oh forgot money and bribery, just like in the real World.
    In any case what T/O there simply is not one and funds??? Only at CAFC right!!!

  3. So the club is £65m in debt but is valued at £35-40m. So Muir the Benefactor pays £35m to acquire a League One club with a debt of £30m...bargain !

  4. If nothing happens with this takeover so james seed is saying he expects deal this week can I sugest to fans on here start an fc club and boycott all home matches also not put a penny into murray nor dutatalet these two bafoons are killing the club if any future takeover takes place I want murray parkes and any other deadwood to fuck off out of se7 they have caused enough problems in the past and way past their sell by date we need new hungry ideas not old fashioned ones like parkes and murray