Monday 25 June 2018

That takeover transcript in full

The discussion between Roland and the British consortium has been leaked.

'Is that Roland Du Chat Er Lay?'

'C'est moi qui parle. Bon jour.'

'Bon joor. C'est Derek of Trotters Independent Trading of Peckham. I understand that Charlton Athletic is for sale.'

'C'est vrai'.

'Trez bon.I would like to buy it. We have a long association with the club, Charlton being my kid brother Rodney's middle name.'

'But do you have the readies as they say in Angleterre?'

'Yes, we have been doing well with our luxury imported goods down the market recently, so we are flush. How much do you want?'

'It would be 40 for the club and 60 to pay off my debts.'

'A ton? I think we could run to that. Any more than that and I'd have to get the bank involved and I might get accused of money laundering.'

'Then you would be taken to the cleaners' [Roland laughs at own joke]'.

'Does that include Sparrers Lane?'

'That is a problem, there are former directors who have a veto and are being difficult'.

'Do you know where they live? I know a few faces who could go round and have a word and rearrange their faces if needed.'

'That would be good for that prune face Richard Murray.'

'Nice to do business with you.'

'There are also some Australians interested but now we have a top class British entrepreneur with an offer they will have to put up or shut up.'


  1. You may well be on to something here Wyn...

  2. murray out board out the whole deadwood get rid of

  3. When this takeover completed I want see the backs of the entire boardroom deadwood who know who they are got rid of the whole sodding lot of them ......We need fresh new people coming in the club needs to be rebranded from top to bottom and get rid of all the deadwood at the club which is holding us back .We need perhaps x Charlton players running things who can relate to the fan base as non of this lot in charge now do they all need replacing the only ones I keep are euell avory and gallen the rest can go and do one