Tuesday 12 June 2018

Ezri Konsa buzzes off

It had long been expected that Ezri Konsa would leave this summer, but the anticipation was that he would be joining Everton or Brighton. However, his performances are seen as solid rather than spectacular and he is going to ply his trade at Brentford: Konsa joins Brentford

The fee is undisclosed which probably means that it is not that large. However, I have heard subsequently from the Chicago Addick and others that is £2.5m plus add ons which is fair enough. In particular with a player with potential it is important to get a share of any future deals.


  1. The deal was probably done in haste in order for the proceeds to go to the Belgian multi millionaire.

  2. Surely the only rational response is to get to the bookies asap to put your life savings on Brentford to get promoted. After all, the wise guru that is still our owner promised us, through one of his disciples, that we could look forward to seeing Premiership stars of the future play for us before they are sold on.