Wednesday 13 June 2018

Barmy Belgian in London taking decisions

Roland Duchatelet has been in London this week starting to make decisions about next season, including the sale of Ezri Konsa and the managerial vacancy: Duchatelet takes the helm

Richard Cawley tweeted, 'RD definitely wants to sell but I don't believe that Australian-backed consortium expected Konsa to go. Does get to a point where RD has got to start making some decisions on manager etc if this doesn't get resolved.'

'Got to say that the information I'm getting is that Andrew Muir's consortium still in for the club, deal not collapsed etc etc, but you have got to question how close it now is if RD is selling a prize asset.'

'In terms of why this takeover has taken so long, I think you'd find that both parties will blame the other. It is hard to pull apart some of the info because it comes from multiple sources.'

'In terms of where that puts a deadline, I'm not sure who knows. Definitely not me.' A despairing Cawley added, 'Would anyone mind if I just step out of writing the takeover stuff and focus on the thriving local bowls scene?'

'Jimmy Seed' has commented, 'Was yesterday the first meeting between Roland Duch√Ętelet and Andrew Muir? I have a feeling it may have been. Well that went well then didn’t it?'


  1. Presumably the reason why Roland is in London is to tidy up the paperwork and sign the agreement to sell. Given that we have no CEO/CFO then it's logical that he's taking the final decisions, but I think it good news that he's in the house so to speak - hopefully the contracts will be exchanged in the next day or so. Selling Konsa to Brentford is odd, I can only think that the Everton/Brighton interest had cooled somewhat and an offer from the Bees was the only deal on the table. I doubt the player would have settled for Championship football if he knew that a prem club with higher wages was after him, who knows though? We live in strange times...

  2. lets hope that Addickted is correct and it signals that the Barmy Belgian will be gone for good in the next few days.
    The Konsa sale seems odd, but I wonder whether Brentford offered same wages and fee as Prem clubs, and perhaps Konsa felt that playing every week in the Championship offers better development than sitting on a bench in the Prem. A couple of good seasons playing for Brentford might boost his long term worth more than playing for Everton U23s.