Monday 18 June 2018

No pre-season tour for Charlton

There will be no pre-season tour for Charlton as owner Roland Duchatelet seeks to cut back on expenses. The opening Crown Berger match against Welling has also been put back by a week, although apparently this was at the request of Lee Bowyer: More doubts about takeover viability

Richard Cawley subsequently tweeted, 'Think if we do see any more player exits in the next week or two that it is a pretty sure sign that the takeover is not happening any time soon. Both parties maintaining stance that deal is not off.' It isn't off, but it doesn't seem to be progressing which indicates that there is a major issue to be resolved.

If the Belgian does stay as owner, there will be cutbacks in outgoings which means players and wages. This could mean a relegation battle next year rather than a challenge for promotion.


  1. I think tours are a waste of time anyway,unless it is promotional,like top clubs going abroad to satisfy sponsors etc.Have thought for some time this takeover is no going to happen,dragging on too long.I would have bought my season tickets any way, but how many people have bought under the impression things were changing,and now with a fair chance of being disappointed.

  2. None are really surprised. A professional football club ha ha ha