Thursday 28 February 2019

Latest from the Daft Ideas Department

Roland's representative Lieven De Turck suggested last night that the English Football League can buy Charlton. How can the Football League buy one of its own clubs?

What is needed is for Roland to set a realistic price for the club. There are buyers out there. Even Yeovil Town has been sold to an American investor.

Not surprisingly, the Fans' Forum unanimously rejected the 'thinking outside the box' proposal.

Richard Cawley of the SLP has tweeted about the meeting: 'Just the same old lines trotted out about people being credible buyers - the same ones who have been on the scene for an eternity. Pretty insulting that they just keep feeding out the tired and insignificant scraps of non-info.

Louis Mendez has commented: 'How on earth did Lieven De Turck take that proposal to the Fans Forum with a straight face. Either he also doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he isn’t doing what everybody has to do in their job sometimes - some upwards management. Tell Roland it doesn’t make any sense.'

The notes from the meeting are available here: Fans forum

Roland has now demanded that the EFL buy the club citing changes in financial fair play rules, 'sometimes criminal' fan protests and fake news: Owner's demand

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  1. I can't understand why people keep saying that Roland has been anything other than scrupulously honest with us. He has always said that Charlton will get about one or two per cent of his attention and about one or two per cent of this statement makes sense.

    Luv Robin