Wednesday 27 February 2019

Play off place is Charlton's to lose

The SLP's Richard Cawley reckons that a play off place is Charlton's to lose. He comments, 'As we begin to approach the home straight, Bowyer’s boys don’t need to be sprinting at full pelt. They just need to keep those points ticking over at a reasonable pace and their campaign won’t be over at the start of May.' He also looks back at last Saturday's win at AFC Wimbledon: No excuses if they miss out on play off place

Last night's 2-0 defeat of Doncaster by Shrewsbury Town was good news for Charlton. Peterborough look less of a threat than earlier in the season and Fleetwood Town are inconsistent.

Of course, it is one thing to get in the play offs and another thing to win them. The semi-final defeat by Swindon remains a painful memory. One possibility is, of course, a re-run of the Greatest Day against Sunderland.

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