Monday 25 February 2019

Properties belonging to Roland vandalised

Properties belonging to Roland Duchatelet were vandalised between Sunday night and Monday morning according to reports in Belgian media: Vandalism It is being claimed that Charlton supporters were involved.

The properties were daubed with graffiti, one of which advised Roland to foxtrot oscar. Another slogan said 'pay the bonuses'. The properties involved included the Sint Truiden stadium, a farm under renovation and a former home of the Charlton owner.

'Henry Irving' commented: 'Share the frustration and the sentiment but don't agree with the act. Will be used by Duchatelet and his apologists to smear all the many other legal protests that have taken place. Just sell the club/'


  1. Seriously,although we all resent what he has done to the club,does any decent Charlton supporter condone this action.I hope they get who is responsible and give them a life ban plus whatever appropriate legal punishment.

  2. No-one can condone this but it is this type of activity that eventually got Monsieur Duchatelet to sell Standard Liege, so I can understand why some may have felt this might expedite the selling process.

  3. There can be no appeasement of wanton criminality. This dim-witted thuggery only serves to denigrate the sincere efforts of all we who genuinely care for the club. The culprits must expect the full force of the law and have no place among Charlton supporters.