Friday 23 October 2020

Charlton's canny mix

I thought it was bit of a case of grinding out results against Wigan and Blackpool, which is sometimes what you have to do when your team has limitations.  But this Blackpool blog, which starts with some very interesting general remarks about how the writer sees Charlton, is full of praise for our team:

The writer refers to Charlton 'playing lovely football, crisp, quick passing, physical strength and movement.'  He continues: 'I was impressed with Charlton. They showed a canny mix of muscle, football and crucially purpose. They created chances and though Maxwell didn't have a lot to do, they flashed the ball just wide or just over 5 or 6 times. They knew what they were doing going forward and when they went down to ten men, it didn't have a huge impact on their play. They showed tactical nous and made a change to match Hamilton up with a lad who could deal with him.'

Of course, it may all be a load of cobblers.  We'll see on Saturday.

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