Monday 5 October 2020

How safe is my Valley?

It's not often that Charlton features in the Financial Times, but this morning they have published a letter from a Charlton fan. 

Martin Johnson writes to the Pink 'Un from SE1.  He says, 'I was one of 1,000 fans at the Valley, home of Division 1 [sic] Charlton Athletic, last week in a test for a possible larger return of paying crowds.'

'As a Covid-nervous older person I have not felt safer in a shop, pub or any location outside my home since lockdown.   From the temperature check on entry to the departure procedure, the excellent organisation could have coped with many more spectators'.

'So the government must provide support to meet the shortfall.   Or perhaps this government disdains such a proletarian hobby?'

A reply published in the Financial Times later in the week stated: 'It is gratifying that all went well at The Valley, and long may a historic ground and club lead the way out of the current Covid-19 crisis.'

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