Thursday 8 October 2020

Sandgaard has 'changed the soundtrack'

Author and Charlton fan Paul Breen talks about the way that Thomas Sandgaard has 'changed the soundtrack' at The Valley:

Breen says: 'I think that in seeing our new owner’s love of music and his approachability, many of us see his character reflecting that of the fan base in general. This club is like a family, even if many of us have very different opinions on life, politics, music and so on. Because we give so much to the club in terms of emotional investment alongside time and money, we like to feel that this is replicated by those who are custodians of the club. And I think with our new owner we’ve got this.'

Another letter has appeared in the Financial Times relating to Charlton.   This one states: ''It is gratifying that all went well at The Valley, and long may a historic ground and club lead the way out of the current Covid-19 crisis.'

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