Thursday, 4 August 2016

Curbs pitches for a job

Alan Curbishley recognises that these are difficult times at Charlton and has indicated that he would be happy to return in an advisory role, similar to that he had at Fulham: Give us a job

His return under the present regime would receive a mixed response from fans. However, if his first piece of advice was to tell Katrien Meire to leave the building, it would be worth paying him for that.

I can't see the present regime showing any interest as they have wanted to expunge all traces of the 'old guard' at The Valley. Indeed, an implicit agenda has been to get a new set of fans.


  1. Hi Wyn just to let you know that your Addicks Third Division Diary does not appear to be picked up by,U.K. which gave links to your Addicks Championship Diary. As for the regime wishing for a new set of fans perhaps they should engage Paul Dacre and Rupert as consultants who no doubt will be able to give a masterclass in ensuring that their customers assist / comply with their agenda !

  2. Could be perfect for Charlton now with slade slade needs someone well connected with the club to carry on the rebuilding work at the club ,he has done superb by kicking out the high earners in cousens ,pope and gudmundson who were on average £18,000 a week!.Curb is a bit like myself he knows the lower leagues inside out so come on slade phone up curbs

  3. I shouldn't bite but ..."Curbs a bit like myself"...chocked on my cuppa reading that! Also hard to believe Pope was on anything like 18K p/w.