Sunday, 7 August 2016

Katrien Meire's work recognised

Katrien Meire's achievements at The Valley have been recognised by her appointment to the FA Council as a representative of the English Football League: Status upgraded

I have to say that I was initially very surprised by this news to say the least, but it has to be remembered that the FA is not there to represent fans but to act as a governing regulatory body for the game. No doubt our chief executive has networked very effectively.

According to former pitch announcer Dave Lockwood it was a case of no one else from the Football League wanting to do it. Apparently, there are still four vacancies.

Her appointment also serves the cause of diversity. I initially welcomed the appointment of a female chief executive because the game is still very male dominated, but her conduct has done nothing to help that cause.

Interesting commentary on the appointment here from the Non-League Oracle: Appointment

Whilst the statement made in the article that 'without fans football is nothing' is right in principle, fans provide a declining proportion of the income stream, particularly in the Premier League, and the share contributed by overseas television viewers is constantly increasing.

At least I am top of the West Sussex CASC 'Badger' predictions league, having forecast a 2-0 defeat at Bury. My overall season prediction is 19th.


  1. Truly, the lunatics have taken over the asylum! This is a deeply worrying appointment, it is an endorsement of the crassest behaviour of any CEO of an English club. No doubt she will soon be joined by Cellini from Leeds and the Venkeys from Blackburn.

  2. This comes as no surprise. This is after all an appointment by the sweet FA !