Tuesday, 30 August 2016

The excitement is too much!

Never mind the paint drying trophy! It's successor, the Checkatrade Trophy, brings Southampton's Under 23 side to The Valley tonight. What with Charlton fans' disgust with the regime, and opposition to the concept of the trophy itself, this could see the lowest recorded attendance at The Valley ever for a game involving some of the first team squad.

No doubt the figures will be boosted to prove otherwise, but some fans may take photos. Meanwhile, if Katrien wants a few running repairs to the stadium, she can call Checkatrade.

Odds: Charlton 7/10, Draw 11/4, Southampton under 23 7/2. The referee is coming all the way from Tyne and Wear, such is the importance of the occasion.

Cautions and sending-offs are exclusive to the tournament and in normal circumstances won't affect other EFL or Premier League fixtures. The EFL clubs will field a minimum of five 'First Team' players in the starting 11 as defined under the competition's existing rules, whilst the invited clubs will have at least six under-21 players in their starting line-up.

This trophy has been roundly condemned across the country: The Contradiction Cup

Even many Premier League clubs have refused to have anything to do with this competition, including Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs. So one is left with B list clubs putting out B list teams in a D list trophy.

Many fans see this as a Trojan horse for allowing top Premier League clubs to enter their development sides in an expanded Football League. The Football League's response is that people don't like change and the competition needed rejuvenating. Or perhaps abandoning?

Should we get through, a later stage will see a group stage. This would stretch our squad even more and the crowds would not pay for putting the floodlights on.

I had one bit of football fun over the weekend. On the bank holiday the Warwickshire derby saw the Brakes beat the Bardsmen 2-0 at the Anne Hathaway Stadium, allowing the Leamington fans to start the chant 'Two nil, or not two nil?'


  1. Didn't we get about 800 against Bradford in the Full members cup at Selhurst??? Surely we will get more than that tonight!!

  2. That was at Selhurst. I just wonder who would want to go to a game like this.

  3. Sorry missed that you put at the Valley! Still only just beat the attendance anyway!