Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Palace deal for Lookman?

Charlton are trying to sell Ademola Lookman to Crystal Palace. A Glazier will come in the other direction to sweeten the deal: Over to Sainsbury's

Anonymous sources close to the club said: 'Many Charlton fans have fond memories of the days at Selhurst. This can only boost the popularity of the regime.'


  1. This is definately theend PROTEST NOW THOSE WHO ARE LEFT!!!

  2. All in the balance at the minute with several hours to go a defining moment I feel for the club and the owner and ceo with the changes to management with Slade the investment and signings made the handling of Lookman is now pivotal in what the real agenda is at. Realising you've got it wrong can be tough to deal with, putting it right often harder still, current word suggest Meire is refusing to sell if that stands and holds out then I may consider doffing my cap once again madmoisselle.

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