Saturday, 6 August 2016

Slade is history man

Charlton are the featured club in today's League One coverage in The Times under the headline 'Charlton owners given time by fans to lift club'. This refers to a one month grace period granted by to the owners by CARD before protests are resumed.

Russell Slade said, 'I felt the opportunity was here to build a team and get this great club back on track. One of the first things I did was show the players a little presentation of the history.'

'To move on you have to see the association with the past and the fact that it's a community club that left the ground and fought to get back, that it was in the Premier League for eight years, in an FA Cup final [and winners]. All these things the players needed to be aware of along with the expectations and values.'


  1. Perhaps our beloved Katrien would do well to sit through it too!

  2. Still never managed a point off mighty Bury though.