Monday, 1 August 2016

Season ticket holders explain why they did not renew

Long-term season ticket holders at The Valley explain why they did not renew in this interesting piece: Loss of faith

The latest blogger to discuss why he is apathetic towards the new season, and may not turn up until mid-September, is Hungry Ted. Like other bloggers, he has captured the current mood of Charlton supporters: Not usually a pessimist

I think that I may well follow the practice of the Irish MP in the 1970s who rarely came to the Commons, but arrived with his wife to 'abstain in person' for the confidence vote in the Callaghan Government. I may not go to many matches and may drop out altogether if things go as I fear.

The start of the season is near and even if we make more signings there is little time for them to integrate with the rest of the squad.

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