Sunday, 14 August 2016

Owner and chief executive need behavioural contract

The Guardian comments: 'Perhaps the saddest part of the latest PR fiasco involving Charlton Athletic is that it seems entirely fitting for what this once‑proud club have become under their current regime.'

'It is certainly difficult to think of any other occasion when a supporter applying to buy a season ticket has subsequently received a letter saying it depends on signing a contract preventing him from making “derogatory comments” on social media about the way the club are run.'

'Unfortunately for Charlton, a certain amount of online criticism is probably to be expected when the club have been relegated to League One, featuring various protests about the owner, Roland Duch√Ętelet, and the chief executive, Katrien Meire. Perhaps the relevant people should understand that the best way to prevent complaints is to run the club in a way that provokes goodwill. In the meantime, what a shame that the “Agreed Behavioural Contract” does not work both ways, so Charlton’s supporters could monitor the conduct of the people running the club if needs be.'

In a full report, the fan who was asked to sign a behavioural contract says he was gobby but not inflamatory and he is done with the club now: Full report

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