Monday, 15 August 2016

What would Chinese ownership be like?

Aston Villa, Wolves and West Bromwich Albion have all been taken over by Chinese owners in recent months with encouragement from President Xi and his ten year project to make China a world soccer power.

Hull City are the latest club that look as if they are going to have Chinese owners: Chinese takeover. Like Charlton, Hull City has unpopular owners who have a bad relationship with the fans and have been the target of continuous demonstrations. At least Roland has not tried to change Charlton's name - yet.

It is interesting that in the article linked to above Professor Simon Chadwick argues that Chinese owners try to be consensual and build bridges with fans. Roland shows no signs of selling, but if he did, the most likely purchasers would be Chinese.


  1. You may call me old fashioned but in my humble experience the only good thing to ever come out of China is the flight back to the UK....!

    Positives: Katrien would go....
    They have the money..... err, that's it!
    Negatives: They have even less idea than Duchatalet about the ethos of a British professional football club and certainly would have less patience in getting Charlton into the Premier League than anyone else I can think of. It took Curbs nearly 10 years to build up the club to a position where it would survive in the Premier League - any Chinese owner wouldn't hang around that long! OK, so, the job could be done in maybe 5 years BUT only with the right people in charge of the team and the right players bought in.
    There are other dangers - ie Club name changes, Chinese players of dubious quality being brought in (anyone else get a feeling of deja-vu?), lack of appreciation of the supporter base etc etc.

    As bad as the present regime is I think that being bought by a Chinese owner(s) would bring even more trouble to our beloved beleaguered club...

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