Thursday, 11 August 2016

Is it 'scoop' Everitt?

Peter Burrowes of the Kentish Independent used to be known as 'Scoop' Burrowes, but the coveted title may now pass to Voice of the Valley editor Rick Everitt. Rumours have been circulating that the first issue of the fanzine for the new season, which will be on sale around The Valley tomorrow, will contain an article on Brexit and Charlton by none other than Nigel Farage.

Everitt campaigned against Farage in Thanet South in the 2015 general election, but may be prepared to bury the hatchet in the interests of attracting a high profile contributor.

The Thanet Gazette sent one of their ace reporters round to 92 Valley Road, Ramsgate to pursue the story. The outbuilding where VOTV is produced showed signs of activity, emanating the distinctive hot metal smell of a Linotype machine, while an ancient printing press could be heard thudding away in the background, accompanied by oaths and curses from 'Airman Brown' who refused to confirm or deny the story.

However, the reporter spotted a man up the road working on a dilapidated caravan with a spanner. He turned out to be the only Millwall supporter in that part of Ramsgate and gave an interview about Everitt, the only printable words being 'anorak' and 'train spotter'.

Nevertheless, the reporter had secured her story which is to appear under the headline 'Neighbour says fanzine lowers tone of road.'

More information about the 'bumper' issue of VOTV is here: Voice of the Valley

You are reminded that you can have a free selfie with Rick Everitt if you buy your VOTV from his pitch opposite the club shop.

Read the latest outside assessment of Charlton here: Decline of a model club

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