Thursday 25 April 2019

Takeover talk

Fortunately we have been able to focus on the football in recent weeks but there was a takeover specific fans' forum at The Valley last night: Takeover update

Not all the ground covered was strictly takeover related, for example deficiencies in the team were discussed. On the takeover front, it was reiterated that Roland is not prepared to lower the price, although the figure of £65m was denied.

The 'Australian' and 'British' bids are effectively dead in the water, as are two other approaches. Roland has met a fifth international party. 'Since the last meeting he has received an offer and agreed a price. The party have begun due diligence and are coming to the final stages of that process. The next steps after that are with the lawyers and sorting the contract. He said it is clear the party have the money and a previous experience in English football.' I wonder why that didn't put them off.

Roland's point man Lieven de Turck said he did not think that the Belgian buffoon (my terminology) would own the club next season. Let's hope his right. However, presumably any prospective purchaser will want to see what happens in the play offs.

Australian sources are claiming that the Down Under deal is back on, but this looks like a boomerang story to me: Hunt for English soccer club

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