Tuesday 30 April 2019

Tuesday's results set up an interesting finish

After Portsmouth lost 2-3 at home to Peterborough and Sunderland were defeated by a last minute goal at mighty Fleetwood, Saturday becomes much more interesting from a Charlton perspective. Luton and Barnsley have secured automatic promotion and I didn't want to face the Tykes in the play offs.

Charlton could finish third but that would not necessarily mean meeting a faltering Doncaster. Sixth place could be taken by a resurgent Peterborough who, as we saw earlier in the season, can be a bullying side.

Peterborough may not find an in form Burton easy to defeat at home, but equally Doncaster may not find Coventry there for the taking in their home game. Southend at home to Sunderland have everything to fight for, but Portsmouth can probably overcome the thugs from Accrington at home.

I'm not that good at predictions, but one possible scenario is that Charlton finish fourth and play Sunderland but with the second game at home. My pharmacist, a black cat, has been forecasting all season that we will knock them out in the semi-finals. Perhaps. What is clear is that we need to beat Rochdale decisively.

Our sister site discusses why Sunderland's finances require promotion: Sunderland's financial plight

Equally, failure for Charlton could lead to the loss of our manager (if he has not been driven out by incompetent contract negotiations) and key players.

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