Friday 21 May 2021

Pratley shocked by his release

Darren Pratley said that his release by Charlton came as a real shock.   The gutted Pratley said that he was one of the fittest players in the squad.   However, Nigel Adkins told him he wanted to bring down the age of the squad (Charlton had the second oldest squad in League One): 

Pratley certainly gave his all, even if this sometimes involved yellow and red cards, but I wouldn't dispute the call made by Nigel Adkins.


  1. Do not understand why Ben Watson is still with us. I would have released the pair of them but if we had to keep one I would have chosen Pratley over Watson.

  2. A complicating factor is that Watson had a second year extension on his contract and would have had to have been paid off, but that would probably have been a good use of money.

  3. I always felt Pratley could offer something in a coaching role.
    The sooner Watson leaves, if at all possible, the better.