Thursday 20 May 2021

We don't need League Two cast offs

The rumour mill is starting to link Charlton with assorted League Two 'hotshots' but great caution is needed about these stories.

What often happens is something like this.  Felpersham Rovers think that 31-year old central defender Joe Journeyman is nearing his sell by date.   Known for gaining the largest number of yellow cards in League Two in a season, the clogger can be passed off as a defensive midfielder on the basis of his trademark hoof up the field.

Borchester Town are interested, but are unhappy about the £50k fee being asked by Rovers.  Journeyman's agent therefore has to make out that there is competition for the player's services.   So why not suggest some of the better off League One clubs are interested?   Jaded journos looking for clickbait are only too willing to run the story.

Last week we were 'linked' with a League Two central defender, today it is a Cambridge United 'hotshot'.  Our priority for a central defender should be Akin Famewo.

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