Monday 29 November 2021

Clarion call from Thanet on cup

Banana skin or the cup that cheers?   VOTV editor Rick Everitt makes the case for taking our cup clash with Gateshead seriously:

The Rickster has further commented: 'Disappointing to hear that the club are not planning to run a supporters’ coach to Gateshead. I think that’s a poor decision that lets down some of the most diehard fans for the sake of risking a few hundred pounds, which is easily offset by profit they have made on other journeys.

Remember that the club will get a cut of ticket revenue from this game - if it chooses to accept it - and presumably a share of the TV fee too. Plus there is substantial prize money if they win the game.

I suspect this is a decision based on not understanding the fan base rather than the financial impact of possibly running with low numbers, which is trivial.'

One fan remarked: 'Especially with the replay, meaning fans had to wait 10 days to see who we played whilst travel and hotels prices increased each day.'

Update: the club has changed its position and will take bookings from this morning.

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