Sunday 7 November 2021

Questions about Morgan

Louis Mendez offers four takeaways from the FA Cup win against Havant and Waterlooville and one of his themes is the failure of Albie Morgan's season to take off.   He hasn't delivered the consistent performances that might have been expected:

It is also a question that has been raised on the Addicks International Facebook page with one suggestion being that he would benefit from a loan spell in which he got game time every week.

One international fan commented: 'We’re still waiting for Albie Morgan’s season to really kick off. I hoped that today’s cup tie would be the catalyst for that but it didn’t really happen for the young midfielder. It feels like he’s been around forever as he first joined the squad so young but other than flashes here and there, we’re not getting a consistent performance level that he should be capable of. '

Another said: 'Before the season began I felt it was a make or break one for him and it looks as though it may be the latter. As others have said, he has ‘bags of potential’ but perhaps his football brain doesn’t quite match.'

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