Monday 15 November 2021

Stockley red card appeal

Charlton are to appeal the red card issued against Jayden Stockley, Johnnie Jackson also arguing that there should have been a penalty:

Trevor Kettle is notorious for issuing red cards when a yellow would do, but it is still allowed to carry on officiating.

He also loves flourishing a yellow card and Johnnie Jackson is incensed about the booking of Akin Famewo which means he will miss the Plymouth game:

1 comment:

  1. Anyone at the game who knows anything at all about football knows that wasn't a red card incident. JJ's comments are perfectly reasonable. Stockers's rec card ain't getting rescinded tho.
    Firstly EFL backs its officials as a default
    2nd EFL has no fundamental care for the integrity of the game
    3rd The main TV camera angle shows Stockley appear to swing an arm which will be enough for EFL to dismiss the appeal. The fact that Stockley is just trying to shrug off Oshilaja as they fall to the ground will be ignored. The fact that DO grabbed JS in the box, never once watching the ball, committing an obvious and simple foul will also be deliberately overlooked. Kettle will be back messing up fixtures as if nothing is awry, he's on duty this Saturday at Stevenage and 4th Off at Millwall the following Wednesday