Monday 15 November 2021

Dobson: how Adkins froze me out

George Dobson talks about being frozen out of the first team by Nigel Adkins: 

This was certainly one of the worst decisions taken by the former manager.

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  1. To George's immense credit is how he has applied himself since JJ gave him the chance. Now he's back in the side, he's set the standard which he has to maintain, any drop off will see him relegated, especially as Clare & Arter to name just 2 are obvious replacements in his role.
    Adkins dropping George from the first XI at the time made sense for a number of reasons, not least George's own performances after his decent début.
    Inexplicable was GD staying out of the matchday 16/18 when players performing no better than he were retained match after match. For several weeks we had a surfeit of inadequate midfielders with Adkins seemingly clueless as to how to improve matters.
    It would be fascinating to learn what input JJ & JE made in this area and Adkins's receptiveness. I expect that will remain private.