Monday 22 November 2021

Hasselbaink wants Charlton job

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is keen to become Charlton manager, but he is only one of a hundred applicants for the vacant position:

He has done a decent job with limited resources at Burton and he is certainly better than some of the external candidates that have been mentioned.

Fans and players continue to declare their enthusiasm for Johnnie Jackson, but this will be a business decision taken by the owner.   If it was down to me, I would give Jackson a 18-month contract, but I am not the person paying the bills.

As for a mass exodus of fans if Jacko is not appointed, if I had left every time I was dissatisfied with a managerial appointment, I would have left multiple times.   I still haven't got over Dowie who did us real damage (Karel Fraeye was just a joke in bad taste).


  1. Totally agree about Dowie, a terrible appointment to follow Curbs and the bloke is simply an idiot.

  2. It certainly wasn't rocket science.

  3. The fans want him, the players want him, the results and performances have been superb. It's turned into a what's going on?

    Pure speculation but given how long it took TS to address the Adkins matter and for which he professed the difficulty of terminating the contract of someone he had a great personal relationship with, I wonder if he lacks any personal chemistry with JJ.

    Another possible interpretation was that Roddy and Adkins were brought in because he wanted to stamp his own mark on the running of club that had previously been in the hands of Bowyer, JJ and Gallen. Bowyer left seemingly disgruntled at the way the club was operating, Gallen was slightly usurped by Roddy and JJ might be the last remnant of the old power structure that TS was never enamored with.

    We can try to argue that this is prudent analysis over a trial period but really its reached the point where not awarding Jackson an 18 month contract is just going to inflame things with the fans and players. You can't seriously expect JJ to go back to being backroom staff (I suspect he'd join Bowyer at Birmingham) so it would look like an exercise in forcing JJ out of the club. TS needs to tread very carefully now because he has largely retained good faith amongst the fans for rescuing the club but this has the potential to be a tipping point if he mismanages the situation.