Saturday 1 January 2022

Charlton want to strengthen striker options

Charlton are hoping to bring in another forward in the transfer window:

Strikers are always in demand and finding real value will not be easy.

Davison's contract finishes at the end of the season.   A loan option would not necessarily save that much money as lower league and non-league clubs often require part of the salary.   A free transfer is an option.

After these two defeats the focus has to be on rebuilding for next season.   No doubt the keyboard warriors will soon be after Johnnie Jackson.

1 comment:

  1. I don't believe anyone will be "after Johhnie jackson" he is massively in credit with Charlton supporters.
    However, Sandgaard who currently still has the support of most fans, is in danger if he fails to get us promoted next season.
    He needs to invest in a team that will finish in the top two next time. This means assembling a high quality squad ready to go. That work starts now.
    His own stated 'five year plan' is close to crumbling, the current goodwill towards him will follow if he fails.